I am Green Warrior : World Environment Day

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I am Green Warrior : World Environment Day

June 05, 2020

Let's Connect to Nature on this World Environment Day with
#iamGreenWarrior Campaign

Last year we asked people what we can do for nature and our environment.

This year we will be implementing few things and the change start with you and me.

How you can participate, by taking a pledge and opting at-least one good and environment friendly habit

Some Habits

1. Change your diet to more environment friendly foods, especially your main protein sources

2. Travel less - limit your travel when things go back to normal after the Coronavirus pandemic.

3. Leave some wild green spaces in your garden where pollinators and ground dwelling insects can thrive.

4. Avoid buying single use plastic

5. Recycle as much as you can

6. Plan an urban garden on your balcony or backyard

7. Minimize use of household chemicals that can have toxic effects on soil and groundwater. Instead, experiment with natural products, such as vinegar and plain old soap and water

8. Create a compost in your garden or windowsill ans grow some of your produce.

9. Explore how to buy locally produced products and foods

10. Don't waste your food

11. Plant at-least one tree in a year

12. Use bicycle to commute

You may choose any of these or any other Environmental Friendly Habit

Share with us what Environment Friendly habit you are opting and we will share it on our Facebook page, and give you an e-certificate for the same.




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